Science is Politics: Whatever

From @Jackstilgoe
Interesting editorial in Nature called Political Science, which critiques Paul Nurse’s Dimbleby lecture. Bottom line: The practice of science cannot and must not divorce itself from politics.

My critique of the critique, which asserts that “although political (and religious) ideology has no place in deciding scientific questions, the practice of science is inherently political.” Rubbish. Whether or not you want to believe ideology has no place in deciding scientific questions, it does (e.g., denying evidence of homosexuality in the animal kingdom). The point is to appreciate that the theory AND practice of science has political assumptions. The scientific community is sufficiently robust to explicate the socio-political assumptions and conduct peer review of the quality of the underlying research.

One Response to “Science is Politics: Whatever”

  1. Peck says:

    You worry too much. You say that the article ‘asserts’ that “ideology has no place in…science…”. That’s about as assertive as it gets.