as if it couldn’t get any better

Good news everyone! The blackberry is being improved… phew! I was getting really tired of dealing with that aging blackberry I don’t have. Wallace wireless is coming out with new capabilities for black berries – instant notification, web cam capability and the like. Personally, I am in no way affected by this news… I wonder how many people are.

Is increasing computer technology just increasing the social divide between the rich and the poor? Not only are the economic disparities already in place but now, these two communities (rich and poor) have even less things that they spend their time thinking about. For instance, at one point maybe both the rich and the poor would have spent a significant amount of time thinking about the value of having a public park in the middle of the city, possible for different reasons, but nonetheless. However, now, the rich – I say this only because they are the ones able to access technology, generally – are spending more and mroe time being wrapped up in thinking about the latest technology to add on to their computer or blackberry or the newest cell phone with the latest features. Is this good for social cohesion amongst communities, is this even good for the social health of the people within one community?

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