Of computer bugs and public health

I just found an article in the globe and mail about the potential hazards to hospital patients in having computers in patient-care areas. Apparently, computer keyboards are great places for viruses (real life ones) to make homes. one hospital in toronto had to throw out all of their keyboards during one virus outbreak.. the viruses that hospitals are worried about are genearlly only found in hospitals but have the potential to be lethal. the study that was reported conclusively recommends increased handwashing after computer use in hospitals!! more work needs to be done to dertermine how much cleaning (i.e. germicides and such) keyboards can handle.

Here is the article

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  1. pete says:

    Keyboard condoms – flexible membranes that fit over the keys – have been used in dusty and dirty environments for decades. Why not use them in hospitals? They can be removed for cleaning or disposal, or maybe be cleaned with germicide while still on the keyboard. I wonder if they tested the computer mouse as well?