Educating the Public

Goodchild’s article from 2010 terminates with a brief discussion on the author’s view of the future of GIScience. One section discusses the difficulties faced in current and future teaching of GIS and GIScience. Here, Goodchild states that it is now necessary to “provide a basic level of understanding of GIScience principles to everyone”. I agree with Goodchild’s view here that public and universal access to GIS should be taught particularly as GIS has uses in a large number of domains. By teaching GIS to many potential users and ensuring that these users understand not only the button pushing aspect of the software but the “why” behind the theories and laws of particular types of analysis, they can more efficiently and effectively use the software. Additionally, a bonus of teaching GIS, GIScience and its theory in many disciplines allows for greater potential to improve the software of GIS as new uses are found for GIS and problems and restrictions with current GISs and with current understandings of GIScience are recognized.

Goodchild, Michael F. (2010). “Twenty Years of Progress: GIScience in 2010.” Journal of Spatial Information Science, 3-20.

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