My name is Jean-Sebastien and this is my first post

First my name is jean-sebastien and not jean-sebastian as my user name suggests, it took me a few trials before figuring out which mistake the prof could have made in my name :).
I’m currently in my first year master degree in computer science. This class doesn’t really have anything to do with my master degree, but I’m taking it because I’m interested to have a broader view of the impacts on society and nature of what I (and my colleagues) do. We tend to forget about these.

My girlfriend is currently visiting canada for the first time, she is originally from malaysia but lives in australia at the moment (I lived in australia for the last two years). So last weekend we went to visit the canadian national capital, Ottawa. And I saw this interesting road sign that reminded me the class discussion of thursday. I thought it was really interesting to see that even a road sign giving the direction to a public building (Universtity of Ottawa) was using a URL and not the actual name of the institution. I guess if you can’t find the university following the signs… at least you can find it online.

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  1. sieber says:

    My mistake, Jean-Sebastien. You now have a new user profile. Add a ‘1’ to the end of your password and you can login.