Let’s Celebrate Geography!

The wait is over, it is National Geography Week once again in North America. Local schools across the continent are taking part in the celebration, having students complete Geography related assignments and activities all week. Teachers are raising awareness of geography and connecting students with the world in new way, once never thought possible. “Geography Week: Mapping Europe”, a new toolkit, available for free on their website. Students in Collinwood TN are taking advantage of the program, spending the entire week making giant political maps of Europe, studying the specific cultures. Students even made food place mats of famous European Landmarks, and postcards for the various countries.

Cedar wood School in Louisiana is also taking part in the festivities. The “Pege Cogswell Memorial Map-a-thon” is well underway, where students learn world maps for a worthy cause. The students have collected over $500 for student in Afghanistan who are in need of basic school supplies. Students collected monetary pledges per each country a student correctly identified, although, a lump sum pledge is of course, always accepted. The children are rising to the challenge. Student, Muhammad Alwan, exclaims, “I learned all the flags, all the shapes of the countries and then all the cities and landmarks. I don’t call myself really competitive, but if there’s a competition, and I am in it, I will strive to be Number 1!”

This year’s theme for Geography Week is “Get Lost in Mapping: Find your place in the world.”

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