Organize your brain just as easily as you organize your computer

This NYTimes article describes software that will help us organize our thoughts and ideas. After all, are not our brains no more than a set of file folders or a road map? (I wish it was but then I’m reminded of the state of my office and my inability to read maps.)

The article also explains the origin of this collection of software:

Both programs grew from the “Mind Mapping” movement, which is more famous in Britain and other parts of Europe than in North America, and whose origins are usually attributed to Tony Buzan. Beginning in Britain in the 1960’s, Mr. Buzan popularized the idea that to learn new topics, organize thoughts and become creative, people should draw “mind maps” on big sheets of paper, ideally with crayons or pens of many different colors. Mr. Buzan’s theories, including his 10 strict “laws” for drawing such maps, are available in his many books and seminars and at his Web site.

Who would have thought that crayons would improve university lectures? 😉

One Response to “Organize your brain just as easily as you organize your computer”

  1. Ira says:

    We used to use software at Adobe called “MindMapper.” It was always up on the screen during meetings to help record our brainstorming sessions, ideas, strategies, etc. Sort of like a wild, easy-to-use flow-charting system. I’ve seen many variations. I think they’re great!