Reading Novels on your Mobile

The new addition to the paperless society, you can now read novels on your cellphone in Japan, (soon coming to north america). It seems to be picking up in Japan, in the article they even say that a lot of people are reading novels on their mobile at home????????? I don’t know if it is easier to read Japanese characters in a small screen than it is to read english or french, but I could hardly imagine myself reading a whole novel on my cellphone where not even a whole sentence fit on the screen.

3 Responses to “Reading Novels on your Mobile”

  1. Hannah says:

    Hmmmm….I think it would hurt my eyes to read a novel on a screen. Talk about reaching
    forward towards a paperless society. Do any of you read the articles for class, online? I

  2. Liam says:

    Maybe they need cell phones with little projectors so you can project it onto a nice surface to read. Although I can imagine that getting pretty hard on the eyes after a few hours as well.

  3. David St.Clare says:

    Jamba! (also known as Jamster! of Crazy frog infamy) offer downloadable books for low-end mobile phones and I believe they offer them in several countries including the US.