Web Check in

I recently flew from Halifax to Montreal on Canjet (a few hours ago, actually) – thankfully it wasn’t planned to be jetsgo! Canjet is offering a new service where passengers can “check-in” online from their own home up to 12 hours in advance up to one hour before departure. Passengers must have a printer connected to their computer; they print out the boarding pass and upon arrival at the airport head straight for security (if they don’t have any luggage, of course) – no need to wait in the check in line.

I know airport lines are annoying, but the ironic thing is that I have never seen CAnjet’s line be more than 3 or 4 people long… have a little patience! If we prefer to spend a few extra quality minutes with our computer to check-in for a flight instead of waiting 5 minutes to have a little contact with an airline employee, I have to wonder what society is coming to. I notice that more and more, people are opting for choices that involve less interaction with other people, especially unfamiliar people. This relates back to our conversation in class last week about our need for order and familiarity.

One Response to “Web Check in”

  1. hannah says:

    That’s interesting…you’d think that there would be a security
    issue too, if people could just print off boarding passes on their
    own computers? Wouldn’t it be easy to replicate them?