Which country ranks highest in ICT?

Last year it was the US, but this year, the US went down to 5th place, any ideas why? I’m not quite sure. Canada always seems to compare itself to the US in terms of technology, but why do we do that? Let’s start looking at what other countries are doing too. Click here to see the country rankings. They don’t mention how the study was carried out, or their methodology. I think it was done by the World Economic Forum. Actually, I think you have to buy it the report online 🙁 What’s interesting to note, though, is that the authors confirm a trend in narrowing the digital divide between developed and developing countries…

2 Responses to “Which country ranks highest in ICT?”

  1. sieber says:

    But not necessarily the within country digital divide. In developing countries, users are mostly likely to be well-educated men.