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ecosystem analysis

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Is “ecosystem” joining the ranks of “sustainability” as a popular buzz word? The new iPod ecosystem would seem to suggest so. What are the implications of turning an important and complex idea into a marketing catchphrase? Are people concerned about the hijaking (buzzword!) of language? This article on the iPod ecosystem has no mention of any commonly percieved notion of ecosystems (at least not as far as my enviro-centric mind can see), but generally discusses the growing ubiquity of ipod as supported by a growing range of accessories. So, does it matter? Given the importance of the media in spreading knowledge of environmental issues, are there consequences in “bastardising” important language, or will environmentalists just find new ways of expressing meaning? OR, is an expanded use of terms actually beneficial in increasing public understanding and appreciation for concepts?

blogging about a blog

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

Here is a blog about climate change, it is “Brief commentary and analysis of climate change issues by Dr. Glen Barry.” This entry is about climate change activism occurring both physically and virtually during the COP. Pretty interesting comment… the march as only a small step.

In a Recent Turn of Events, Clean Energy Promises By Bush in State of the Union Address

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

In his state of the union address on tuesday evening, President George W. Bush emphasized the need to reduce America’s reliance on oil. Unlike his predecessors Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon, both of whom made similar appeals, Bush didnt merely stress the need to reduce reliance on foreign oil, he stressed the need to reduce oil use period. In his own words, he told Americans they need to “move beyond a petroleum-based economy”. He is aiming for a 75% reduction in oil imports from the Middle East by 2025, which now account for about 17% of the oil consumed in the U.S.. Part of this plan involves an increase in financing for clean energy technology by 22%. His new budget proposal for October 2006 involves $289 million spent on hydrogen technology, as opposed to $53 million this year, $44 million for wind, up from $5 million this year, and $150 million for ethanol from cellulose, up from $59 million this year. Currently, renewable energy accounts for 6% of U.S. energy consumption. A notable omission from the speech was that the President made no mention of increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars.

The University’s Digital Divide

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

I have a professor this semester that will not place any course materials online due to the “Digital Divide.” The argument is unequal access to the Internet creates an unfair advantage among students. This professor’s actions could be considered activism against virtual activities.

Substitution of PA for VA

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

Consider this when thinking about complement and substitute, “our data challenges pessimistic claims of a progressive substitution of offline activism for online protest: activists perform their actions both offline and online, using cyberspace as a new resources to increase their chances of success. There is no sign that offline and online environments as alternative to each other ” (page 186, Jnl Publ. Pol. ) from Porta and Mosco (2005) “Global-net for Global Movements? A Network for Networks for a Movement of Movements.” Physical activism is holding on strong!