Critical GIS Workshop @ McGill

Jim Thatcher (University of Washington, Tacoma), Ryan Burns (University of Calgary), Luke Bergmann (University of Washington), Britta Ricker (University of Washington, Tacoma) and I organized a workshop on Critical GIS to coincide with NACIS. Presentations included

Meghan Kelly, “Feminist Cartographies”

Clancy Wilmott, Jim Thatcher, Craig Dalton, “Representation, Its Limits, and New Regimes of Spatial Data”

Emory Shaw, “Path Behind the Panorama”

Carl Sack, “Resistance Mapping”

Nick Lally, “Geographical Imagination Systems”

Genevieve Reid, Renee Sieber, “Indigenous Critical GIS”

Amir Sheikh, “The Waterlines Project: An Interpretive Approach to the Urban Landscape”

Renée Sieber, “Step away from the Map: Refocusing Critical GIS on algorithms and AI”