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Gave a talk for McGill's Digital Humanities Work in Progress Series, Geography for Digital Humanities without a Map.


Talk @ SFU

Sieber gave a talk in he Geography Department at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC.

Mashing up Participation: Public Engagement On the Geospatial Web

Everyone’s gone gaga over Google Earth and the rest of the Geospatial Web, or Geoweb. The Geoweb, like its compatriots in Web 2.0, supposedly erases the last vestige of the digital divide, providing ubiquitous data, facile user interfaces, and flexible apps. Indeed, this is the era of ‘You’, according to Time Magazine, in that non-experts become prime generators of content on the Internet. Consequently, ‘you’ set the agenda for further development on the Geoweb and increase your influence in public policy.


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