Geothink & Learn Webinar #2: The Future of Open Data


On November 14, we continue with our Geothink & Learn Seminars. Webinar #2 was entitled, The Future of Open Data, with Peter Johnson, Pamela Robinson, Teresa Scassa, Marcy Burchfield, and Jean-Noé Landry. Listen to the webinar.


Abstract: The global open data movement has taken shape and evolved significantly in the course of the last decade. In Canada, open data programs from federal, provincial and municipal governments have become increasingly expansive and more sophisticated. Our unique vantage point allows us both to look back and to look forward to offer informed insights into what the future of open data may hold. Geothink has paid significant attention to the central role played by open data as an interaction space between government and citizen. As we approach the end of this five-year partnership research project we are well positioned to interrogate the question: What is the future of open data?

On Tuesday, November 14 at 12:00 (EST), hosted its second monthly Geothink&Learn video conference session on the topic of The Future of Open Data. It highlighted Geothink’s unique interdisciplinary perspective and included a myriad of ideas from our faculty, students and partners. Catch a recording of the session below.