Our Special Issue on Mediating Open Data Finally Published

After a long wait, our special issue on open data and, sadly, the final issue of JURISA, the Journal of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, Volume 28, has been published.

  • Mediating Open Data: Providers, Portals, and Platforms, Edited by Victoria Fast and Claus Rinner, pp. 7-8
  • Who Are Government OpenData Infomediaries? A Preliminary Scan and Classification of Open Data Users and Products, Peter A. Johnson and Sarah Greene, pp. 9-18
  • Exploring Open Data Perspectives from Government Providers in Western Canada, Mark Gill, Jon Corbett, and Renée Sieber, pp. 19-30
  • Open Data Community Maturity: Libraries as Civic Infomediaries, Pamela Robinson and Lisa Ward Mather, pp. 31-38
  • The Geospatial Contents of Municipal and Regional Open Data Catalogs in Canada Edgar Baculi, Victoria Fast, and Claus Rinner, 39-48
  • The Civic Open Data and Crowdsourcing App Ecosystem: Actors, Materials, and Interventions Suthee Sangiambut and Renée Sieber, pp. 49-62.