Nama Budhathoki's PhD Dissertation Abstract

Nama Budhathoki recently joined the McGill node of Team 41 as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. His recent dissertation abstract on VGI from his PhD dissertation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is posted below. 

Welcome Nama, we are so happy you joined our team!

Adding a location and social service will always make a killer app, even with virtual lighters...

There are at least 10 different virtual lighter applications available for the iphone, most of them free. However users are paying 99 cents and downloading Smule's Sonic lighter like mad. The thing that sets Sonic lighter apart from other virtual lighters is that it has built in social and viral, location based features " and they also give this ridiculous but effective incentive to use the app all the time." (TechCrunch) When you have your virtual lighter on, it will blaze on a virtual earth, so the more people with it on the more that location will glow. Kind of like a global rock concert.

It's clean up the world weekend!


It's clean up the world weekend. See who is participating on this map. See who is doing what where.


Abaqus Inc.
who specialized in location based products today announced the launch of My Geo Recorder, a groundbreaking GPS-powered mobile application that allows consumers to record personal location-based content in real-time via a mobile phone and then share it with any social network and online service on the web." What could this mean for our research? This article talks about using this device for work out regimes, for work, geotagging photos but not using it to document changes in the environment. I hope some sort Spatial Data Infrastructure is in place with the My Geo Diary service that comes with this device.

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