Change at hand: Web 2.0 tools for development

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Participatory Learning and Action 59:
Change at hand: Web 2.0 tools for development
Guest editors: Holly Ashley, Jon Corbett, Ben Garside and Giacomo Rambaldi
Web 2.0 tools and approaches are radically changing the ways we create, share, collaborate and publish digital information through the Internet. Participatory Web 2.0 for development – or Web2forDev for short – is a way of employing web services to intentionally improve information-sharing and online collaboration for development. Web 2.0 presents us with new opportunities for change – as well as challenges – that we need to better understand and grasp. This special issue shares learning and reflections from practice and considers the ways forward for using Web 2.0 for development.
Participatory Learning and Action is the world’s leading informal journal on participatory approaches and methods. It draws on the expertise of guest editors to provide up-to-the minute accounts of the development and use of participatory methods in specific fields. It provides a forum for those engaged in participatory work – community workers, activists and researchers – to share their experiences, conceptual reflections and methodological innovations with others, providing a genuine ‘voice from the field’. It is a vital resource for those working to enhance the participation of ordinary people in local, regional, national, and international decision-making, in both South and North.
ISBN: 978-1-84369-716-9
ISSN: 1357-938X
Order no: 14563IIED
Published by IIED and CTA, June 2009
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