The Geoweb and its role in ecosystem governance of the Okanagan

This project describes the process by which government, non-government and private organizations have begun to use free, open source Geoweb technologies to facilitate the sharing and discussing of ecosystem data and information for identifying a north/south wildlife corridor in the Okanagan basin.

Visualizing Environmental Change with Volunteered Geographic Information

This study investigates the use of volunteered geographic information to visualize environmental changes in the small island developing state of Barbados. The aim of this research is to identify the extent to which participation in the Geoweb allows Bajans to communicate their concerns and observations regarding environmental change.

Volunteer Updating of Authoritative Geospatial Databases

This project led by Dr. Coleman investigates the use of ‘geospatial wikis’ to support collaborative and authoritative data maintenance in a geospatial data infrastructure.