Geospatial Web simulcasts

The University of Nottingham is hosting a workshop on the Geospatial Web Services from June 16-17. The organizers are setting up a live webcast of workshop talks and podcasts to benefit the wider Geoweb and GIS community.

The organizer, Suchith Anand, reports that the key aims of this workshop are:

  1. to hear presentations from leading academic and industry players on their research on geospatial web services technology;
  2. to network and develop ideas for future collaborative research in geospatial web services;
  3. to understand current developments in geospatial web services with focus on generalization and schematization research.

Organisations making presentations include CGS Nottingham, Ordnance Survey, ITC Netherlands, ESRI, University of Zurich, CASA UCL, CORILA Italy, e-Science Centre and the University of Cardiff. Here are some of the speakers.

Our new postdoc, Dr. Rahemtulla, plans to attend the workshop and I'm sure he'll have lots to report when he returns.

UPDATE: The podcasts and webcasts are now up. The conferencce is using Accordent software, so the webcasts show both the speaker and his/her slides. Nice.

The Geoweb: a revolutionary and empowering technology?

A prime reason that we are attracted to the idea of the participatory Geoweb is that user generated content (UGC) is supposed to revolutionize geography and traditional geographic information systems on the web:


This will be the new site for the GEOIDE project, team 41, The Participatory Geoweb.

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