Geoweb and community planning in rural Quebec

The project, supervised by Renee Sieber and Peter Johnson, is based in the Municipal Regional Council of Acton Vale and focuses on the use of the Geoweb for creating a two way dialogue between citizen and government within a community development context. The Geoweb will be used to both provide government geospatial data to citizens and act as a forum for citizen input and response. Main issues include redevelopment of agricultural lands and water management. The project will run for three years and is funded via several provincial government agencies: agriculture (MAPAQ), natural resources (MRNF), municipal services (MAMROT), the MRC of Acton, and a specialized fund from the governmental services department (MSG). This project will form the prototype for all regions in Quebec.

*For more information on the MRC of Acton Vale, please take a look at the Portrait Socioeconomique. This document provides some valuable comparison between the economy and society of Acton Vale compared to other parts of the Monteregie.


Project Members

McGill University

Dr. Renee Sieber

Dr. Elena Bennett

Dr. Peter A. Johnson

MRC D'Acton

Serge Dupont

Agence Geomatique Monteregienne 

Julien Belvisi

Ministere de l'Agriculture, des Pecheries et de l'Alimentation (MAPAQ)

Evelyne Vouligny

Hugues St-Pierre

Ministere des Resources Naturelles et de la Faune (MRNF)

Luc Gravel

Geomap GIS

Dannick Venne



Project Information
Team Members: