This site contains information on the research and teaching activities by Dr R E Sieber and her team at McGill University.

Welcome Jian

Our newest team member is Jian Zhou, who is beginning his M.Sc. He will be investigation the integration of climate modeling and digital earths.


Britta goes on to a PhD!

Britta goes on to Simon Fraser to pursue a PhD. She will be working with Nick Hedley on geovisualization, education and mobile devices. Good luck, Britta!


presentation at the Royal Geographic Society

We presented at the Royal Geographic Society

Sieber, R. and Rahemtulla, H. (2009). The Participatory Geoweb. Paper presented at Royal Geographic Society (RGS-IBG) Annual Conference, Manchester, August 22-23.


Ecological Footprints and Geospatial Technologies

At long last, our first of two papers on ecological footrpints and geopstial technologies is published.

Sonja Klinsky, Renee Sieber, Thom Meredith. Creating local ecological footprints in a North American context. Local Environment Vol. 14, No. 6., pp. 495-513.


At the Creative Economy Conference

Peter Johnson was invited to present at the Martin Prosperity Institute's Creative Economy conference.

Johnson, P.A., 2009. Experimenting with the drivers of creative class migration: An agent-based modelling approach. Presented at the Martin Prosperity Institute: Experience the Creative Economy Conference, University of Toronto, Ontario, June 23-25.


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