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Our Special Issue on Mediating Open Data Finally Published

After a long wait, our special issue on open data and, sadly, the final issue of JURISA, the Journal of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, Volume 28, has been published.

  • Mediating Open Data: Providers, Portals, and Platforms, Edited by Victoria Fast and Claus Rinner, pp. 7-8
  • Who Are Government OpenData Infomediaries? A Preliminary Scan and Classification of Open Data Users and Products, Peter A. Johnson and Sarah Greene, pp. 9-18
  • Exploring Open Data Perspectives from Government Providers in Western Canada, Mark Gill, Jon Corbett, and Renée Sieber, pp. 19-30
  • Open Data Community Maturity: Libraries as Civic Infomediaries, Pamela Robinson and Lisa Ward Mather, pp. 31-38
  • The Geospatial Contents of Municipal and Regional Open Data Catalogs in Canada Edgar Baculi, Victoria Fast, and Claus Rinner, 39-48
  • The Civic Open Data and Crowdsourcing App Ecosystem: Actors, Materials, and Interventions Suthee Sangiambut and Renée Sieber, pp. 49-62.


Victoria Slonosky gives the James McGill/Sigma Xi Lecture

Vicky Slonosky, visiting scholar in our lab, gave the James McGill Society lecture on “Climate in the Age of Empire: Weather observers in colonial Canada”. The talk also was sponsored by the Montreal chapter of Sigma Xi.

Montreal weather records, dating from the early 19th century, are held in the McGill University Archives and the McCord Museum. Thomas McCord (1750-1824) and John Samuel McCord (1801-1865), among others, kept detailed weather logs. This talk considers how the study of meteorology and climatology in 19th century Montreal led to the foundation of the McGill Observatory.

Our Education Article has been Published


Our paper in Studies in Science Education is published.


Drew Bush, Renee Sieber, Gale Seiler & Mark ChandlerUniversity-level teaching of Anthropogenic Global Climate Change (AGCC) via student inquiry. Studies in Science Education 53, 2: 113-136

Geothink & Learn Webinar #2: The Future of Open Data


On November 14, we continue with our Geothink & Learn Seminars. Webinar #2 was entitled, The Future of Open Data, with Peter Johnson, Pamela Robinson, Teresa Scassa, Marcy Burchfield, and Jean-Noé Landry. Listen to the webinar.


Crowdsourcing History

We were pleased to join other researchers in the sessions, Building Historical Big Data Together: Crowd-sourcing, Citizen Science, and large-scale online collaborations, at the Social Science History Association,


Crowdsourcing historical climate observations

Renee Sieber and Vicky Slonosky

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