Core concepts, Kuhn (2012) – Nice to have?

I found the overall article creates more complexity than simplifying the proposed concepts. If the target of the article is to communicate the opportunity of interdisciplinary integration, I find the language used to express Geospatial Information’s primitives (and cores) too complex if not supported by pragmatic and clear examples.

In reading the article I question why the metadata concept is not part of the core discussion given the fundamental roles it plays in information and moreover in the geospatial domain. This concept could have been elaborated in the accuracy section.

The author provides an unequivocal interpretation of the core components in Geospatial Information. That said, he also let me think that in a society driven by a strong economical drive, measuring the economic value of Geospatial Information is complex and difficult to estimate.  So how can we estimate its impact on the budget planning of a project based activity?

This gap suggests me that the Geospatial Information could remain in the ‘Nice to have’ basket when planning project’s resource investment (which the primary focus in not Geospatial Information).

Lastly, because things change constantly, I am still debating where the concept of time sits in the Geospatial Information realm. Is it a core element or should it be considered an external factor?

– Giancarlo –

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