Defining the field- Mark (2003) – stuck with a definition ?

In reading the article I found that in the definition of UCGIS may lack a fundamental “application” element in its definition. Stating the objectives of the Geographical Information Science (GI Science) as “the transformation of geographic data into useful information…” I think denotes rather a weak goal that is not necessarily ethical. This weakness may generate the ambiguity of where this science should find a proper location in the scientific discussion.
The article conveys to me the benefits to the societal realm (not limited to the societal construct); therefore, that “positive net element” should be clearly stated in any definition.
Is the goal of GI Science to answer fundamental scientific questions? I am not convinced; I believe GI Science plays a critical role to link scientific methods to the application of technology, which eventually must deliver a net benefit to society.
The above characteristics create a new concept which is nor represented by the traditional Geoscience disciplines (Geology, Geophysics) nor implicitly disclosed by the Geographic disciplines.
The problem is that recycling existing words or using old concept (like GIS), and forcing the community to distance itself from it doesn’t help and eventually, as expressed in the article, creates ambiguity and confusion.
So are we stuck with a definition that eventually could trigger loss of opportunity and risky outcomes like the inevitable repercussion in recruiting investments, critical to the survivability of this scientific approach?
Should we redesign a name that unequivocally represents the scientific effort into the Geo Information domain?

– Giancarlo –

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