Computers, Society, and Wikis

An interesting personal web site I came across today, the site of Mr. Keunwoo Lee, of the University of Washington. It has a few interesting links, including a Society and technology wiki, as well as some tips he has for professors considering using wikis in courses.

Among other mildly interesting things to be found, UW seems to allow people to sign up for various credit weights for the same course, for example, if someone wishes to participate only in the discussions for credit, they can sign up for 1 credit, if they wish to present a paper in addition, they can sign up for two credits, and so on. It’s an interesting amount of flexibility, which would seem beneficial when students want to take a broader range of courses.

To request this at McGill would no doubt result in commissions to investigate the possibility of creating a steering committee to create the new forms allowing it to be passed to the senate for approval before being sent to more implementation commitees.

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  1. sieber says:

    After the committees, what often happens is that the professors are given the added responsibility of coordinating these innovations.