Looking for “coldspots”

There has been a few posts on the blog about wireless networking of whole cities. Montreal is not fully networked yet but most places where I use my computer (university, home, coffee places) are. So basically all the time my computer is open, I am connected to the Internet. Although I initially thought it was a great idea, I’m now starting to have some reserve, because now I get disturbed all the time. Skype messages, email
messages, or just the urge to go check if there is new post on the blog. When I reeeaally have to get the work
done I manage to forget about all that, but when I’m not under some pressure I always manage to get distracted and not being productive. I discussed my problem with my housemates before to find out they had the same problem.
So I started to hunt down coffee places that do not have free wireless Internet so I can work undisturbed.
As wireless Internet as now become a competitive advantage, they are getting rarer and rarer.
All this, just to say that I was wondering if in a fully networked city, we would find “Coldspots”,
(in opposition to “hotspots”) where we are not networked and I can happily work.

One Response to “Looking for “coldspots””

  1. pete says:

    Can you not simply tell Windows to “work offline”? Granted, that does nothing about the urge to check email, etc, but it should block incoming instant messages. I do the same with my cellphone when I do not want to be disturbed. I wish I could do it with my office phone too!