equiveillance through sousveillance

Here’s an interesting idea, fighting
surveillance with sousveillance.

“In an attempt to establish equity in the world of surveillance, participants at the Computers,
Freedom and Privacy conference in Seattle this week took to the streets to ferret out surveillance
cameras and turn the tables on offensive eyes taking their picture.”

“In the stores, as conference attendees snapped pictures of three smoked domes in the ceiling
of a Mont Blanc pen shop, an employee inside waved his arms overhead. The intruders interpreted
his gesture as happy excitement at being photographed until a summoned security guard halted the photography.”

It’s true that cameras, guards are often intimidating, and even if there is none of that, you
still don’t know if you are being watched. Maybe we should use Mann’s approach and fight a sword with a
sword. And apparently the watcher doesn’t like to be watched.

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