Finding Evolution

Straight from slashdot, an article about how a researcher has taken dormant plankton eggs from many years ago from a heavily polluted lake, incubated them, then compared the hatched plankton with current plankton.

It confirmed some of their hypotheses, the semi-ancient animals showed different traits than do the current ones, likely owing to the different environments the plankton were living in.

It would be interesting to see how the creationists would respond to things like this. Although I suppose it’s not so hard to defend things which aren’t falsifiable.

The article is here: ABC News

It’s also funny how the article is from a broadcast television news website.

2 Responses to “Finding Evolution”

  1. pete says:

    The creationists will likely respond to this the same way flat-earthers do, with closed minds.
    It is interesting to note the similarities between plankton evolving to stay ahead of predators, and how computer security has evolved to meet growing threats from viruses, then worms, then spyware, etc. Unfortunately, instead of staying ahead of the threats, the industry is only reacting to them. Staying behind the threat curve is not a good long term strategy.