Continuing the blog

Renee granted me rights for posting on this blog today. Now that the course is over, I hope people will continue to contribute. I have found this to be pretty interesting over the winter months (especially the cats!). I have linked the MSE webpage about student initiatives to here and to Garry Peterson’s Wikki so newcomers to the MSE can see what kinds of things students are discussing.

Good luck on your exams, and to those of you graduating, congratulations!

2 Responses to “Continuing the blog”

  1. Liam says:

    On a… blog administration note wayyyy down the page, it would be nifty if a description page for the blog, and maybe who the writers are (a la RealClimate) could be setup, there’s not really any clear indication of what the blog is, who is contributing to it, and how others can contribute.

    The wiki is a good idea, I’ve been trying to get CS to setup a wiki for a little while now.