wave energy

This is the first time I ever heard of this. But maybe it’s not new to you…wave energy. Apparently it can capture more energy and is smaller and less expensive than wind or solar energy, and apparently it is less intrusive to marine habitats than even offshore wind farms! Is this true? Check out the article.

It would be another consideration as an alternative to coal…

4 Responses to “wave energy”

  1. Ira says:

    I have heard about a possible wave energy test facilitry in St. Andrews, New Brunswick on the Bay of Funday. I don’t know whatever happened to it, but yes this would be a great alternative to coal, not to mention all the other types of energy generation that cause damage to the environment.

  2. Liam says:

    It’s interesting to note that one of the things holding back the funding of these projects is that wave energy is not currently eligible for a renewable energy tax credit, making it more difficult to attract funding. The article also points out that the energy bill giving tax credits to renewable resources is stalled, because it includes allowing drilling in the arctic wildlife refuge.

  3. Jean-Sebastien says:

    That’s interesting. I had heard of ocean tide energy before but not ocean waves.
    It sounds promising. It would be the perfect energy source for small island nations, which don’t
    have much other alternatives than burning oil at the moment. They got no land, but a lot
    of coastline.