market for efficient technology

Ok, so there does seem to be a market for efficient technology, according to a case where used hybrid Pirus’ are going for more than their list price when they first entered the market. There is a wait period of about 2 months for the car. It’s due to high gas prices, the study says.

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It is nice to see that people are readily switching over to this more environmentally friendly technology. But I’m still not convinced that cars are the right way to go if we are concerned about the environment…

Also, wouldn’t this call for some economic restructuring within the manufacturing industry, so that they can benefit from this too??? Then the government could put up some standards, such as only producing hybrid or electric cars in the future, and still benefit in the longrun (although it may be costly at first…) hmmm but maybe we could increase the gas tax by 1 cent and give the millions of $ generated to these companies to produce more environmentally-friendly designs, or something.

3 Responses to “market for efficient technology”

  1. Ira says:

    I agree that cars, even if they are hybrids or zero-emission or whatever, aren’t necessarily the solution. We have to get away from this mentality where everyone needs their own vehicle all the time.

  2. Jean-Sebastien says:

    Although it would be great if people would change their mentality that everyone needs
    their own vehicule, I don’t think most people are ready to give up the freedom cars
    give them. I have more in people switching to more environmentally friendly cars.
    Hopefully, in the near future the price of the gas will continue to go up, the price
    of hybrid cars will go down and create a better economic advantage for buying an hybrid.
    I think this would drive more people to buy hybrids in the short term.

  3. Liam says:

    Of course, the problem with high gas prices is that the rich can afford to pay them, and will grumblingly continue to do so, without much difficulty. The poor who need to travel will also do so, it will simply cost them a much greater percentage of their income.

    The environmentally friendly designs may have a lower cost when we consider the hidden costs of gasoline powered automobiles, but as it stands now, the people who tend to buy these designs tend to be those who have the money to do so. Perhaps government subsidies to environmentally friendly vehicles to allow them to compete on price more effectively with conventional cars of the same class.