not just in the workplace

We have talked a fair bit about computers at work – i.e. ergonomics, “micro-breaks”, fast replacement rates, etc, etc.. Also about the shift to using computer technology for SO many things (museums, taxes, other data collection stuff, buying things, etc etc)… Anyway, we basically all agree that computers are becoming more and more popular for more and mroe things. One thing we haven’t talked much about, or at least only in passing, is computers in schools.

I was just chatting on msn with my 11 year old cousin. She was typing up her homework! this perked my intersted and I asked her a few more questions… turns out she is not only using computers to type up written homework assignments. Her class is currently working on a science project about “animals”; they work in the computer lab next to their classroom to make powerpoint presentations about animals, when the powerpoint is ready to go she will use it as an aide for her presentation to the rest of the class! The have to submit basically everything typed and have software that they use for math and music classes!

Is this not crazy!~?!?!? They are using computers not just for everything in the world, but everything in the elementary school world as well!

4 Responses to “not just in the workplace”

  1. Hannah says:

    That is interesting, just curious, was it a public or private school? Urban or rural?
    Is there a theme to the school, like is it an Arts or Music school? Wonder if they have
    an ethics course in elementary school about the effects of computers…hmmmm

  2. Ira says:

    I brought this topic up a while back, about the concept of kids growing up digital. I wonder if education professionals have given any thought to the way all this technology affects the children, how it changes their identity and/or existence.

  3. Jean-Sebastien says:

    I would also be curious if the Internet has replaced the school library for kids research
    projects. Knowing that most school libraries are under funded, it seems like a plausible