Electronic wasteland no longer in Nova Scotia

The Daily News, a newspaper in Halifax, recently ran a full page photo/article on Nova Scotia’s plans to ban electronic material from landfills. As of January 1st, 2006 things like: televisions, computers, scanners, cell phones, VCRs, printers and blackberries will no longer be allowed to make their permanent homes in Nova scotia landfills.

There will be a surcharge icluded in the original price of the electronic product when you buy it, which will help the manufacturer pay for the costs of recycling the product. Manufactures will be responsible for the recycling and won’t be allowed to charge the electronics users anything at the time of drop off for recycling, this is why the surcharge will be tacked on to the original price. The products will either be recycled or reused, but most importantly the harmful toxic substances of these products will be removed from landfills.

Details haven’t been completely worked out, but it sounds like this program is a defiinite go ahead – very ambitious, but very admirable! I’ll bring the paper clipping to class Tuesday – remind me to show you!

One Response to “Electronic wasteland no longer in Nova Scotia”

  1. Jean-Sebastien says:

    That’s great… but as long as their electronics don’t end up
    in neighboring provinces or overseas landfills.