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Urban design with threaded discussion threads on 3D modelling

Welcome to YouSayCity, a 3D online platform designed by our research assistant, Pierre Beaudreau, whoch allows you to share and discuss ideas for your city, visualize 3D design proposals, and explore development projects in cities across the world.


Our new urban design research project

Welcome to Community Modelling, our urban design initiative in Vancouver, where Korbin DaSilva is investigating tools used to communicate sustainable design to neighbourhoods.


Korbin DaSilva's Undergraduate Honours Thesis

Congratulations, Korbin, on writing a strong thesis and building a dynamic application. Korbin's research is part of our urban design node.

The Community Design Tool: Unfolding Participatory Urban Design in a Dynamic Three-Dimensional Environment

Abstract: The Community Design Tool allows for community members to engage in a community controlled urban design process within a dynamic three-dimensional environment. The community members are guided by a methodology for participatory urban design adapted from Christopher Alexander’s work on generative codes and the process of unfolding. Community members and non-professionals understand spatial concepts and designs more naturally when viewed in three-dimensions and when they can interact with the environment dynamically. The Community Design Tool is a plugin for the simple yet robust modelling software Google Sketchup and walks community members through a step by step process to create urban design schemes for their community by using simple tools built into the Community Design Tool itself. The simplicity of the Community Design Tool’s individual steps allow for those with even limited technical knowledge to fully participate in the design process.

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