Team Rye at SKI 2014

Nice writeup in GoGeomatics Canada of Ryerson's participation at the conference. By Edgar Baculi.


CAG 2014, Special GIScience Session: Call for Papers

Special Session

Applications and developments in GIScience


Session Organizer: Tarmo K. Remmel, Department of Geography, York University

Session Sponsor: GIScience Study Group



On behalf of GIScience Study Group Prof. Remmel invites you to submit an abstract to a special session on "Applications and Developments in GIScience" that will be held during this year's Canadian Association of Geographers meeting, hosted simultaneously with Congress and by Brock University (26-30 May 2014).  

Students awarded Spatial Knowledge and Information Canada prizes

Congratulations to the following four students who won our student prizes.


Michael Allchin, for his presentation of Application of Growing Self-Organising Maps to the Classification of Catchment Form and Forcing

Mathieu Bourbonnais, for his presentation of
Quantifying and Predicting Wildlife Movement-A State of the Knowledge Review

Stephanie Piper, for her presentation of The Value of Open Data

Blake Walker, for his presentation of Spatial Patterns of Head and Neck Cancers in British Columbia


Thank you again to the Convergence Network and the GIS Study Group of the Canadian Association of Geographers for your generous support of student awards at SKI.

SKI 2014 Photo Contest

During SKI 2014, we're holding a photo contest. The rule is simple.  Any picture taken during the SKI conference (whether in a session or on the slopes) is eligible. Please submit to before dinner tomorrow night.

Purchasing lift tickets for the morning

Tarmo Remmel here: supposedly at Sunshine, you can only get full-day or afternoon lift tickets :( so... Get ready for a $85 day. 

Tweet Away

To follow the goings on of SKI 2014, just use the hashtag, #ski2014


10 minutes is the limit

For everyone except the keynote and the elevator pitches, 10 minutes is the amount of time you have for your talk. Presenters from past years will tell you that we're absolutely strict about time (ask them about our countdown clock). It keeps the conference on schedule AND (for you student presenters), it's a factor in our evaluation for student awards!


Check the forums tab

For late breaking questions about carpooling and ski excursions.


Counting down to one week

We will see all of you in one week. Any questions, email ski-canada AT geog DOT mcgill DOT ca.


If you'd like to make changes to your presentaion file

If you need to make changes to your presentaion file, please send them to ski-canada AT Geog DOT Mcgill DOT ca.

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