This site contains information on the research and teaching activities by Dr R E Sieber and her team at McGill University.

Ensconced at Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS) research group, UCL

I'll be at University College London for the next 3 months going extreme on extreme citizen science. I'll be working with Muki Haklay, where I hope to further explore the role of activism in the formation and government enthusiasm about citizen science.


Indigeneity and the Geospatial Web

Genevieve presented her research during an intense 12 day colloquium at ACFAS, called Cartographier les récits : enjeux méthodologiques et technologiques

Reid, G and R. Sieber. 2014. Géoweb et les aspirations du futur du territoire. Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS) 12-15 Mai, Montreal, Canada.

Le résumé below the fold

McGill writes up Geothink

McGill's glossy magazine that gets sent out to donors, writes up the grant:

Witten, Mark. 2014. Open Door Policy. McGill Headway Magazine: Research, Discovery and Innovation at McGill University. Volume 8, Number 1 Spring 2014.


Ana submits her thesis


Community Development Crowdmapped and Texted

Ana Brandusescu


This was my first time presenting at the State of the Map US, April 12-13. This is the conferecnce of OpenStreetMap users. I loved the whole conference because it's a mix of users, developers, practitioners, nonprofits, and researchers. That amount of diversity meant there was little academese, which was a wonderful break from previous conferences. I presented on Open data and the City. Here's the video from the talk.


Open Data and the City - Renee Sieber from OpenStreetMap US on Vimeo.

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