This site contains information on the research and teaching activities by Dr R E Sieber and her team at McGill University.

GEOIDE presentations


Our Presentations at the Annual GEOIDE Conference, May 28-30 in Vancouver, BC.

Hanif Rahemtulla. Beyond The Internet ‐ Distributing Voluntary Geographic Information Using Mobile Technology.

Hanif Rahemtulla. Mapping Change For Sustainable Communities.

R. Sieber, H. Rahemtulla, A. Turner. Governance And The Geoweb.

Korbin Dasilva. Networking Farmers Markets And Consumers ‐ The Growing Pains Of Desktop To Server Side.

Britta Ricker and Renee Sieber. Citizens As Environmental Change Sensors: A Case Study Of Barbados.


The team at the CAG


Johnson, P.A., Social Economy Enterprises: Prospects for Rural Development. Presentation at the Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting 2009, Ottawa, Ontario, May 26-30, 2009.

Eades, Luke and Renée Sieber. 2009. Mapping the Flâneur: A Geospatial Translation of Baudelaire’s ‘Les Hiboux'. Canadian Association of Geographers Annual Meeting 2009, Ottawa, Ontario, May 26-30, 2009.


Ricker gets internship at Commission for Environmental Cooperation


Britta obtained a summer internship to work in close cooperation with the CEC to investigate Web 2.0 tools for mapping environmental concerns that cross the three NAFTA countries. Congratulations, Britta!

Book chapter is out


The Planning Support Systems Book is finally out (2009/04/03). Here's our chapter. 

Johnson Book chapter: 2009. Johnson, P. A., & Sieber, R. E., Agent-based modeling: A dynamic scenario planning approach to tourism PSS. In S. Geertman & J. Stillwell (Eds.), Planning Support Systems: Best Practices and New Methods. Berlin: Springer.

The team goes to Las Vegas


The team has a strong presence at the Association for American Geographers Annual Conference, March 22-27.

Eades, Luke. Indigenous Geographic Information Systems: (Re)configuring Geospatial Technologies for Local Productions of Space. Presentation at the AAG.

Johnson, P.A., Modeling destination competition: Tourist destinations as adaptive agents. Presentation at the AAG.

Rahemtulla, Hanif, Claire Ellul, Louise Francis, and Colleen Whitaker. Mapping Change for Sustainable Communities. Presentation at the AAG.

Ricker, Britta. Environmental Change through the Eyes of Barbadians on the Geoweb. Presentation at the AAG.

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