This site contains information on the research and teaching activities by Dr R E Sieber and her team at McGill University.

Our second tourism article

This one on web harvesting for tourism that's co-authored by some excellent undergraduates:

Johnson, Peter A. , Sieber, Renee E. , Magnien, Nicolas and Ariwi, Joseph. 2011. Automated web harvesting to collect and analyse user-generated content for tourism, Current Issues in Tourism. First published on: 16 February 2011 (iFirst)

QC grant becomes McGill recruiting tool.

Our work in Quebec has been highlighted in this video, which is being used to attract Fracophone students to McGill.


Congratulations, Yuan

Congratulations to Yuan Jin for his Masters Thesis in Computer Science.

Undergraduate research into the adoption of the Geospatial Web 2.0 in QC

Andreanne Lussier and Patrick Quinn this semester are conducting research on the social construction of the Geoweb as different government agencies seek to engage a broader public in watershed management.


Geoweb in Australia

Sieber was invited to give four presentations in Australia. Among them,


The Geospatial Web 2.0, Volunteered Geographic Information and Citizen Environmental Science. November 22. Dept of Geomatics. Univerisity of Melbourne.

Geoweb and the New World Order. Keynote speech at CRC-SI (Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information: Spatially enabling Australia) Annual Conference and Launch. November 23-24.


She also gave two talks on the Geoweb and the New World Order at two offices of Landgate, in Perth, WA and Midland, WA.


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