This site contains information on the research and teaching activities by Dr R E Sieber and her team at McGill University.

Open data in print

Sieber, R. E. and Peter A. Johnson. 2015. Civic open data at a crossroads: Dominant models and current challenges. Government Information Quarterly 32(3): 308–315

Renee @ CUPUM

Gave one of the keynotes at the Computers in Urban Planning and Urban Management Conference, Cambridge, MA, USA. July 7-10, 2015, called How are newer Information and Communications Technologies impacting local governance?


Former PhD Student & Postdoc is awarded awarded an Ontario Early Researcher Award

Congratulations to Peter Johnson on his award.


Geothink @ AAG 2015

A Geothink student's perspective.

Geothink Preconference Workshop @ AAG

Geothink was pleased to run a workshop before the Association of American Geographers' (AAG) Annual Conference in Chicago, called Citizen-Government Relations for a Digitally-Enabled and Location-Aware World.



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