This site contains information on the research and teaching activities by Dr R E Sieber and her team at McGill University.

Latest publication related to sustainability and tourism

Britta Ricker, our former masters student, now a PhD student at Simon Fraser University, has published her first article out of her masters research:

Ricker Britta A., Peter A. Johnson, and Renee E. Sieber. 2012. Tourism and environmental change in Barbados: gathering citizen perspectives with volunteered geographic information (VGI). Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Published in iFirst pp. 1-17.


Congratulations, Pierre

Congratulations to our superb undergraduate researcher, Pierre Beaudreau, who's graduating this month and has been accepted to UCL's Bartlett School for a masters degree in Urban Design.


Korbin daSilva at the GEOIDE annual conference

Congratulations to Korbin dasilva, Poster award at the 2012 GEOIDE conference! This is part of his honours research on investigating the application of the geospatial web (specifically Sketchup with Ruby) to Christopher Alexander's generative coding.

daSilva, Korbin, Renee Sieber and Raphaël Fischler. 2012. The Community Design Tool: Unfolding Participatory Urban Design in a Dynamic 3D Environment. Poster at GEOIDE Annual Scientific Conference, 14-17 May 2012, Quebec City, Canada.


New Local Economic Development Website Launched

Please check out the Region d'Acton site, GeoActon 2.0: Cartes Geographiques avec Participation Citoyenne  we built with the MRC d'Acton to engage small business owners in promoting local economic development. This is part of our Projet Geoweb Grant with the Ministry of Government Services of Quebec.

Led by Peter Johnson, postdoctoral fellow, with technical assistance and research by Pierre Beaudreau.


New book chapter

Our book chapter comes out next week:

Tudge, PH., R. Sieber, Y. Wiersma, J Corbett, S. Chung, P. Allen, P. Robinson. 2012. Collaborating Towards Innovation: Lessons from the Participatory GeoWeb GEOIDE Network. In Nicholas Chrisman and Monica Wachowicz (eds). The Added Value of Scientific Networking. GEOIDE Network, Quebec City, QC. pages 103-118.


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